No man is an island, and not all women want to be teachers!

What do you do when you have no idea… what to do?

This is the feeling that a lot of final year university students have, including me.

Careers advisors that tell everybody to be a teacher, the mainstream media telling you that there are “no jobs” for graduates/anybody else.

So many teachers, employers, parents, and all the rest tell you to “network, network, network”. But does this work?

I got my first business card given to me last month. Was that networking? I can’t see myself getting a job out of it. Here is my dilemma. Who should I know to know that I have networked? Can you network online? Can Twitter get me a job? Last year, recruitment agencies began making Twitter accounts to advertise jobs. Could 140 characters be enough to land yourself your dream job? I don’t even have a dream job. I’d quite like to be an island, like Hugh Grant in About a Boy. But sadly, as “Will” says:

no man is an island.

So back to my dilemma. Once summer vacation is up, I have so many paths but no avenues. I want an internship, I want to learn another language, I want to use my knowledge that I have paid my university ┬áto teach me. But here are my hurdles: some internships require a second language, some internships want a post graduate degree, and some even want… you guessed it… experience! Experience to get experience. Now this really is barmy.

Another option is to find a job. For much of my life I have known that I want to work in a public service. I want to help people for themselves, not for profit. But as we approach a new government, and in a difficult period of time when any political party will have to promise public service cuts, jobs are diminishing. Here is another very good reason why work is going to be hard to come by for some graduates this year.

Why should we cut services that people are dependent on, cut the jobs of people who want to help with the running of the country, when the real reason for the country being bankrupt is because of the private sector: namely investment banking.

But for me, right now, it’s back to essays and exams before I start with the next step!

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